Terms of use

    Age of the Driver
    The minimum age of the driver must be at least 21 years old. The driver must have a national driving license or an international driving license, issued at least one year prior to the date of the lease agreement. The driving license must be in accordance with the category of the vehicle to be driven. The person leasing the vehicle must be present at the hour and place agreed for the lease and must present his/her driving license to the representative of the leasing company.
    The duration of the lease agreement represents the aggregate number of days between the delivery and the return of the vehicle. The lease may be concluded for a minimum period of 24 hours.
    The vehicle is delivered at the date, location and hour agreed with the client without any further costs on the radius of Deva city. The client receives in advance, from the lease office, all the information pertaining to the meeting with the agent as well as all contact details of the agent to deliver the vehicle. After the meeting with the agent, the client must sign the lease agreement, and must pay the cost of the lease and the deposit, must check the vehicle and use it until the end of the lease duration.
    Return of the vehicle
    On the last day, the client must bring the vehicle to the location and at the hour agreed with the agent and mentioned in the lease agreement.
    Driving license
    For the lease of the vehicle the client must present his/her driving license in original and it must be issued at least one year prior to the date when the lease agreement starts to produce effects. The vehicle cannot be leased based on a copy of the original driving license.
    For the lease of the vehicle the client must present a valid passport issued on his/her name.
    The lease agreement
    The lease agreement is the document signed between the client and the leasing company. The leasing agreement is the only document used in case of any litigation. The client must carefully read the lease agreement before signing it because he/she will need to respect all terms and conditions written therein and the leasing company whose name is written in the agreement shall be responsible for the offered services.
    After signing of the lease agreement, the client must pay, in advance, the cost of the lease. Payment may be made in cash or by credit card. The lease rate does not include fuel costs.
    Advance payment
    For guaranteed reservations, an advance payment is required.
    Advance payment represents the amount that the leasing company requests from the client for the reservation of a vehicle. This amount represents the equivalent of at least one lease day and is deducted from the total amount invoiced to the client for the lease of the vehicle. On the day of the lease of the vehicle, the client must pay the difference between the total lease price and the amount paid in advance. Should the client fail to confirm the reservation, the amount remains in the leasing company’s account.
    At the beginning of the leasing period, the client is asked to make a security deposit amounting to Euro 100, payable in cash or by credit card. The deposit is reimbursed after the leasing period, after a check of the bodywork and of the technical condition of the vehicle.
    The client is responsible for breaking any traffic rules, including for the payment of parking fees or any other taxes. The police shall send a document to the leasing company by which it will request information on the driver having violated traffic rules by driving the vehicle at a certain date and hour. The leasing company will, at that point, send the police the leasing agreement containing the client’s data and the police shall send the fine to the client.
    In case of an accident, it is mandatory to declare it to the Police, which will ascertain the damages and issue an Ascertaining Report and an Authorisation for Repair. These documents are vital for the use of the insurance and for the repair of the vehicle. The statement made before the Police is mandatory in all cases: if you are guilty, if you are the victim, if you are the only one involve, if the responsible party is not identified (for example: any damages occurred while the vehicle was parked, and without your knowledge on the event). Without these documents, the client is liable for all of the costs of the repair. In case where the client is under the influence of alcohol, drugs, non-prescribed medicine, the liability for payment in case of an accident will be entirely in his/hers charge. In case of an accident, the client must immediately announce the leasing company on the event occurred.
    As a general rule, using the leased vehicle outside of the Romanian borders is forbidden. In exceptional cases, it is allowed for the vehicle to leave the country but only with special approvals from the management of the company and with extra costs.
    The insurance package offered within the lease price includes: optional civil liability insurance (CASCO) and mandatory civil liability insurance (RCA). Any special situation relating to the insurance may be further explained by the Customer Service, upon request.
    The images of the vehicles in the offer do not represent the pictures of the vehicles to actually be leased. They only have the role to help the client get a better image on the models offered for lease.
    In exceptional situations, arising from the specificity of the leasing activity, the client does not receive the confirmed model but a model of the same class or a superior class, for the price and under the confirmed conditions. For these situations, our company reserves the right to change the vehicle with another even if it cannot inform the client in due time.